Lola Olujobi

I am Lola – Founder of Connecting The Dot. 

I am an HR and Training Consultant with professional qualifications in Human Resources and Psychology. I have worked in senior HR positions for a number of organisations and now provide HR and Training Consultancy Services for SMEs. I have a passion not only to succeed but to urgently and desperately help people to develop their potentials in all areas of their lives. My experiences gained over the years have further fueled this passion and my capacity to add value to lives that I come in contact with.

This Is My Passion.

I have always had a passion for developing people and empowering them to realise and achieve their potentials. By so doing, they are able to connect to their purpose or goals and live the life they truly desire. I particularly have a bias for working with young people and women of all ages from diverse backgrounds and I like to see them look and feel their best in whatever they do.

From a young age, I have always had a passion and fascination about image and identity perceptions and how society can judge an individual based on their background, image and appearance. Through my own personal journey and my interest and love of fashion, I developed an instinctive desire to support women in particular, to overcome personal challenges in the areas of personal styling choice, presentation, personal value, confidence and self-esteem issues.

Although I have a passion for fashion, my interest in personal image goes beyond the physical appearance. I am very much interested on the internal image of an individual. This interest and my inherent desire to make a difference in the lives of people I come in contact with led me to start my Coaching and Image Consultancy Services.

This is What I do

In 2014, I founded Connecting The Dot as a service which combined key areas of my work and interests under one umbrella. Connecting The Dot as the name implies, is about supporting ‘you – the individual’ to connect the dots from where you are to where you want to be. In practical terms, connecting the dot is a ‘place’ where purpose, potential and preparation meets with YOU via individual one-to-one coaching, bespoke workshops and seminars.

The core foundation of Connecting The Dot is based on 4 key principles which examines the ‘Person’.

  • Who Am I? A journey of self-discovery.
  • Values, Beliefs and Emotion!  An exploration of the role and influence of your personal values, beliefs and emotions.
  • Image and Identity! A practical focus on image (internal and external), identity and perception.
  • Making It Happen! A place of Action – Connecting The Dots and putting all the pieces together!

This is Who I Am.

My ultimate goal as a Coach is to help you take proactive steps, cultivate the beliefs, essential confidence and realistic action plans towards the achievement of your goal and the life you desire. In doing this, I work with you to discover your purpose, identify where you are on your journey, map out a plan/direction of where you need to be. I will work hand-in-hand with you to find solutions and establish a disciplined routine to ensure you succeed.

My approach is simple yet pragmatic and I have the utmost respect for your needs, requests and boundaries. I have a reputation for my no nonsense approach and I am firmly constructive in my feedback and hold myself to a very high standard professionally. My clients can testify on my ability and passion for reaching people and positively impacting all areas of their lives.

I work with various groups, experts and other individuals to develop and organise workshops and seminars throughout the year, and in the midst of all these activities, my focus remains strong and determined: To build people of purpose, confident in themselves, their vision and their life.

So, to find out about my work and how I can help you, please visit for more information.

 I am Lola. This Is My Passion. This Is What I do and This is Who I Am!