Seminars & Workshops

Connecting The Dot organises a wide-ranging events/programme of workshops, seminars and training courses for everyone – young and old, groups and individuals. We come together to learn, enrich, developing purpose, achieving goals and mostly enrich the lives of each other.

The Connected Woman

Our programmes are attended by professionals, business owners from many diverse backgrounds and many disciplines. These events provide opportunities for professional and self-development that each individuals can use effectively and directly in their career, business or personal lives.

Each delegates brings knowledge and experience from their own life and specific field of expertise, contributing to a rich and diverse atmosphere. Importantly, our workshops and seminars provide the opportunity for delegates to exchange ideas and knowledge, and to make new connections – both business and social.

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>  Connecting To Purpose Workshop
>  Who Am I? Life Series Workshop
>  Career Development Workshop
>  The Revolving Door Workshop
>  The ‘Connected’ Woman Networking Workshop
>  Image Essentials Workshop

Sponsorship Opportunities

Connecting The Dot appreciate those who continue to support and sponsor our events and we welcome the opportunity to work with individuals and businesses through sponsorship to assist its programmes and events. To support the work of Connecting The Dot through sponsoring its conferences and seminars, please contact .

To find out more about these workshops or if you want to book your place on any of our workshops,
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