How Are You?

How are you?” – is this a just a mere pleasantry or a sincere inquiry in pursuit of a true answer? 

To ask, “How are you?” either makes for polite conversation or makes a person that isn’t feeling well and wants to hide it from you feel very awkward. What is the right question to ask or the appropriate thing to say when you know that a person is not fine or doing okay?

So, this got me thinking, do we need to ask better questions?


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What’s Next? Navigating the new normal!

What do you do when everything you know, no longer applies?
What do you do when through no fault of yours, you are suddenly a statistic?
How do you regain control in a chaotic world?
How on earth do we all start again?

This is not a time for self-pity and despair…get up and take action!

So what’s next? Navigating the new normal!

As hopeless as it may seem, help is available. You will not only survive; you can…

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